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Roger Errera is a former senior member of the Conseil d’Etat, France’s Supreme Court for administrative law.
He is at present Visiting Professor at the Central European University in Budapest, where he teaches free speech and judicial review of administrative action.


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Consultancy activities

As a consultant for the PUMA and SIGMA programs, presentation of the following studies :
  • 2001 : “Government action and Citizens : General context, principles and Rules”.

  • 1999 : “Judicial review of administrative action. Administrative law and judicial institutions. Their role in the implementation of the acquis communautaire by Central and Eastern European countries”.

  • 1997 :PUMA Seminar on “Normative and institutional structures aiming at the promotion of ethics in public service”.

    Presentation of a report: “Legal framework, institutions and management systems necessary for the promotion of ethics in the public service”.

  • 1997. PUMA Seminar on the new theory of public management.

    Paper on “Judicial review of administrative action and the new theory of public management”.

South Africa Union. 1999

Consultation by the South African Law Commission on the draft administrative justice Bill. Answer to the Commission’s questionnaire.